Jupiter enters Leo

“Spend some time every day listening to what your muse is trying to tell you.” St Bartholomew.

Jupiter, the planet which governs higher wisdom and philosophy entered the sign of Leo today. Jupiter in Leo ushers in a time of increased self confidence, hope and optimism. It is a good time for creativity, fun and socializing. Jupiter’s influence is considered beneficent even when in harsh aspect to other planets. Check your chart to see where Jupiter is transiting for the next year – this is an area where expansion and increase are likely to come into your life – you may be feeling it already. One of the Sabian symbols associated with this time is, “A Greek muse weighing newborn twins in golden scales.”

Why consult an astrologer? It is a gift to be seen.

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Jupiter Opposes Pluto

“New ways of thinking about familiar things can release new energies and make all manner of things possible.” Charles Handy

One of the gifts of a well done Astrology or Tarot reading is that it can shed light on the quagmires of life, put them in a larger or more meaningful perspective and offer appropriate guidance for dealing with them. So often in life when challenges arise what is needed is a change in perception.

When Jupiter and Pluto are opposed as they are now new challenges can arise and old ones come to a head. What is often called for is a shift or evolution of the underlying philosophy or a deepening of religious or spiritual views.

As the tension of the Cardinal Cross continues to build it is wise to reconsider the underlying philosophy of challenging areas of life – particularly those areas where we habitually invest mental or emotional energy into maintaining an idea or belief system that may have outgrown its usefulness and limits the perception of options.

*from his book The Age of Unreason