Notes on the Week Ahead

“With the planet Mercury in close alignment with Uranus and Jupiter now there is a tremendous resource of Spirit available to you, including the possibility for startling new ideas to manifest, and also epiphany, which is to say, the sudden realization of new perspectives, a figure-and-ground reversal that suddenly sees everything in a different light. This is one way that progress happens, so it is good to be alert for the occasion when it arises.” Harry Seltzer 
The Sabian symbol for this Quarter Moon is, ” Winter frost in the Woods” which is associated with a time when “Normal life is brought to a point of sharp suspension, so that the larger magic may be manifest in order that older cycles give way to newer ones.”
With Chiron conjunct the South Node there are opportunities to see your life and your life path in a more expansive way due to a deeper level of  perception and integration of difficult past experiences.

Mercury Retrograde and Icarus

In ancient times there were stone statues of Mercury at crossroads – pointing the way.
I recently did a reading for a client whose astrology chart has been impacted by the Uranus/Pluto square (sudden, surprising life changing events) in a very dramatic and personal way. She is highly motivated and accomplished and has had a very successful long term career in the corporate world of finance. Suddenly and unexpectedly she was fired from her job. No explanation.
She called me for a reading to consult about it. It is hard at times like this for anyone to refocus from the perception that their life has fallen completely apart. I feel my job as an astrologer is to be like Mercury – the person at the crossroad – who is pointing the way forward. I do this by deciphering the ancient signs and symbols of her chart.
 We talked for awhile about how devastating it had been and the totally unanticipated betrayals that had occurred. After awhile I mentioned a quote I had read once about Icarus – who in his soaring flew too close to the Sun and crashed to earth – his wax wings melted. The quote was in a book of assorted writing by different authors compiled by Thomas Moore.  I couldn’t find it today – not sure who wrote it the quote about Icarus. But the essence was that Icarus crashing was not really an uncommon event. It said if you look around people are crashing all the time.
It is true that people are crashing all the time in different ways. But the real question after the crash is what is the significance of it on a deeper level and how do  discern the meaning and move forward in a well indicated way? It is really like being at a crossroads and gathering information about how to proceed.
Astrology and the Tarot readings can be invaluable guides at times like these with the many indications in astrology charts about matters of destiny, the soul’s yearnings and what kind of efforts are likely to succeed with the timing of the transits.
In our very work oriented time and culture there is a tendency towards linear thinking and a tendency to override the parts of life that have to do with the soul’s yearnings. And sometimes this is what the crashing is about- to bring the recognition to that and to give an opportunity to create a new life that honors and addresses the needs of the soul.
The time is right with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn to rethink how your life is set up now and how to move in a new more authentic direction. Pragmatics are needed of course. And addressing the needs of the soul. In a certain sense we are all at Mercury’s crossroad and can consider different choices about which way to go.

As with the Kings and Queens of old, an Astrologer or Tarot Card Reader should be a trusted ally on your life’s path.

 Reach Amelia at 603 654 1043,, and Her readings start at $30 and are available by phone, email, skype and in person in Wilton, NH.

Mercury Stations Retrograde

“Revelation: a window on the journey of the soul.” F Aster Barnwell
Mercury will station retrograde on January 5 at 1 degree of Aquarius. Mercury is moving up to a square with Mars now and will be exact on the day of the station – with Mars at 1 degree of Scorpio.
With the Mercury Mars square is in effect now it is  a good time for the next week or so –  to think things through before speaking or taking action. Avoid impulsive behavior as things can escalate into a dispute more easily and quickly.
The Mercury retrograde period will last through January 26 when it will station direct at 14 degrees of Capricorn.
The Sabian symbol for the Mercury station on the 5th is, ” An expected thunderstorm.” With the Uranus/Pluto square still very much in effect, it has been and continues to be a time when breakthroughs and revelations are likely if you are open. The revolutionary changes occurring in the outer world are present in out inner lives as well. The Sabian symbol for the degree of Mars at the time of the retrograde station is, “A broken bottle and spilled perfume.” It is a good time to sort through dreams gone awry and see if it is a good idea to give them a new form.
In general Mercury retrogrades provide a good time of respite to revisit, review and rethink. Mercury rules communications and it is not surprising during these time frames if there are snafus with communications and the tools of communication so do double check before assuming if something seems awry. It bodes well to have extra patience when traveling as delays can occur.
As with the Kings and Queens of old, an Astrologer or Tarot Card Reader should be a trusted ally on your life’s path.
 Reach Amelia at 603 654 1043,, and Her readings start at $30 and are available by phone, email, skype and in person in Wilton, NH.  Sabian symbol quote from Lynda Hill’s 360 Degrees of Wisdom. Barnwell quote from Divine Sparks by Karen Speerstra.

The Winter Solstice

“All thoughts begin in wonder.” Plato
In the chart for the Winter Solstice – said to foretell the energies of  the upcoming three months –  Pluto is conjunct Mercury and Pallas Athene and square Uranus.  Under this influence there is guidance available about how to implement change in your life by deepening or expanding the way you think. Pluto/Mercury aspects are powerful and can indicate resorting to compulsive thought patterns as a habit. But the key to unlocking the gifts of this aspect is to “get to the bottom of things” looking for the areas to where your thinking may have become too narrow, fragmented or limited.
Mercury in Capricorn is like the Emperor card in the Tarot deck. It speaks of maturity, organization, planning and good time management. The Emperor knows how to consolidate power. The next three months provide excellent timing to formulate and put into practice a pragmatic, well organized, long term strategy.
In the Solstice chart Jupiter makes beneficent aspects to the Moon, Mercury and Venus indicating a time that bodes well for increased wisdom, love and artistry. It bodes well to take a  more creative approach to  your projects and initiatives. Watch for intuitive guidance over the next three months that can come in unexpected flashes and provide significant breakthroughs.
We are living in times of great change and it is better to harness the transformative and evolutionary energies – personally and collectively – rather than put up resistance.
As with the Kings and Queens of old, an Astrologer or Tarot Card Reader should be a trusted ally on your life’s path.