Notes on the Week Ahead

“With the planet Mercury in close alignment with Uranus and Jupiter now there is a tremendous resource of Spirit available to you, including the possibility for startling new ideas to manifest, and also epiphany, which is to say, the sudden realization of new perspectives, a figure-and-ground reversal that suddenly sees everything in a different light. This is one way that progress happens, so it is good to be alert for the occasion when it arises.” Harry Seltzer 
The Sabian symbol for this Quarter Moon is, ” Winter frost in the Woods” which is associated with a time when “Normal life is brought to a point of sharp suspension, so that the larger magic may be manifest in order that older cycles give way to newer ones.”
With Chiron conjunct the South Node there are opportunities to see your life and your life path in a more expansive way due to a deeper level of  perception and integration of difficult past experiences.