The Full Moon, Mars and Saturn

One day the hero
sits down,
afraid to take another step,
and the old interior angel
limps slowly in
with her no-nonsense
and her old secret
and goes ahead.

you say
and follow.” David Whyte

In many fairy tales and archetypal stories there is a hero or heroine who as the result of difficult circumstances must set off on a journey alone. On this journey the seeker often encounters gatekeepers – people who will not let the seeker pass until they pay some kind of toll. Often this requires the seeker to stop and go back to find or procure whatever it is that is needed.
With Mars and Saturn retrograde now it is likely at times that you might feel like the seeker at the toll booth. It is wise to anticipate obstacles and delays, to minimize frustration over any that might occur and to practice patience.
One of the Sabian symbols for the approaching Full Moon on Virgo on 3/16 is, “ A butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.” It is best to remain undaunted and keep the focus on your evolutionary journey – your process of becoming.

David Whyte quote from his book,The Heart Awakened, Poetry and the Preservation of the Soul in Corporate America