Juno. Lillith and Relationships

“The world will change less in accordance with man’s determinations than with woman’s divinations.” Claude Bragdon
Two asteroids are featured prominently during Sunday’s eclipse – Lillith and Juno.
Lillith is the asteroid which governs the repressed feminine and Juno – the asteroid of commitment. Juno also represents where we can feel trapped in our lives or in relationships.
Both asteroids are conjunct the Sun at the time of the Lunar Eclipse.
Venus is trine Uranus during the eclipse which is an aspect  which can be very freeing and can bring about breakthroughs and events which can alter the limitations in the way you think about love, relationships, pleasure and abundance. These perceptions and events can have a surprising and unexpected quality and can accelerate personal evolution.
These aspects apply to both men and women and to their inner feminine and the way that it gets expressed in the outside world.
The Sabian symbols associated with Juno and Lillith during the eclipse are : ” A group of young people sit in spiritual communion around a campfire” and ” A person teaching true inner knowledge of the new world to their students.”