Mars Conjuncts Saturn

“The main thing in life is not to forget to be human.” Pablo Casals

I have a friend who raises working dogs and one of the terms she uses to describe border collies -who can be very focused, driven and energized when herding sheep – is “geared”. “They are geared,” she says. As Mars moves closer to the conjunction with Saturn (in effect from 8/17 – 9/5) feeling “geared” may be a more common occurrence. There is a tendency with this aspect to overwork. There can also be a fair amount of frustration. Mars /Saturn aspects are sometimes described as “driving with the brakes on.”

This is an ambitious placement and people who have it in their natal charts are usually very hard workers. A lot can be accomplished under this influence with clear goals. But there can be snags along the way. Repressed feelings – often related to frustration or lack of empowerment – can arise and result in hostile and sometimes cruel behavior towards others.

It’s best if angry, frustrated or upset under this aspect to take a break and consider the cause and whether you are fighting old battles or being unreasonable. It’s also wise to plan for times that are restorative and provide a sense of peace and interconnectedness. One of the Sabian symbols for the degree of the conjunction is,”A quiet path through the woods brilliant in autumn coloring.”

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