Jupiter, Uranus and Mars

“The medial woman stands between the world of consensual reality and the mystical unconscious and mediates between them. The medial woman is the transmitter and receiver between two or more values or ideas. She is the one who brings new ideas to life, exchanges old ideas for innovative ones, translates between the world of the rational and the world of the imaginal.” Clarissa Pinkola Estes

The inspired energy of the Uranus/Jupiter trine is now in effect and being strengthened as Mars aspects it in a positive way. Do be aware of the excellent timing now for breakthroughs in thinking and perception which can open doors and present new opportunities. With Mercury retrograde in Gemini it bodes well to regard your life and the way you think about your life as a horizon- expanding journey. Revisit old thoughts to see if they need to be expanded or reignited with the fire of inspiration now present in the sky. Open the doors of perception with the powers of imagination and intuition. It is a good time to consider a multiplicity of ideas.

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Mars, Chiron and Mercury

One of my favorite teaching stories involves a curse made on a newborn child by a fairy who was not invited to the christening. One of the things this story shows is the power of speech to frighten and wound others. We have all been victims of critical and discouraging speech – whether intentional or not. With Mars, Chiron and Mercury together in Pisces now breakthroughs are possible about personal power that has been lost due internalizing attitudes that were not ours to begin with. This can be helpful in reclaiming power and moving in a direction of increased authenticity.

Mars Squares Jupiter

A good adage for the early part of this week is “slow and steady wins the race.” with the overabundance of energy of Mars/Jupiter square. Mars/ Jupiter aspects are known for overshooting the mark. Alot can be accomplished through a discplined approach with a proven track record – beware of excessive acts which may not pay off in the long run.