Monday’s Full Moon

One of the Sabian Symbols associated with Monday’s Full Moon in Virgo is “A Woman Drawing Aside Two Dark Curtains That Closed The Entrance To A Sacred Pathway.” For the next several weeks it bodes well to heed any intuitive information related to improving the way you direct energy (mental, spiritual & physical) as you move forward in your life. The asteroid Chiron, whose symbol is a key, is strong at the time of the Full Moon. The North Node which governs our life purpose and groups associated with it is powerful now also indicating there is guidance that can unlock inner doors, free up energy and put us more clearly on our life path. Time spent quietly in meditation or musing will be valuable – efforts to push too hard in the outer realms are likely to be frustrated.

quote from Lynda Hill’s 360 Degrees of Wisdom, all times mentioned EST

Mercury Stations Retrograde

Mercury stations retrograde Saturday 2/23 EST at 19 degrees of Pisces and will be in retrograde mode through 3/17. This retrograde period is more powerful due to its proximity to the upcoming Full Moon in Virgo on Monday as well as Mercury’s conjunction to Mars. In general when Mercury is retrograde there can be misunderstandings in communication but when Mars is involved people can have a short fuse, conversations can become more heated and the likelihood of passive aggressive behavior is more likely. Avoid rushing, leave extra time when traveling, anticipate delays, be extra clear with communication, practice patience and try not to take things personally.

The Sun enters Pisces

“Behind our existence lies something else that becomes accessible to us only by our shaking off the world.” Arthur Schopenhauer

The images on the Tarot Cards have evolved down through time. For example the image on the Ace of Cups in the earliest decks was a chalice – symbolizing that a connection to God was to be found exclusively through the teachings of the Catholic Church. With the advent of the Protestant reformation the image on the Ace of Cups changed to a heart- symbolizing that each individual could be in touch with God or with the divine through one’s own heart or spiritual practice.

This is a good image for the Sun’s entrance into Pisces this week. Pisces is a spiritual, intuitive, creative sign and when properly actualized can feel the interconnectedness of all life as well as the realms of soul and spirit. For the next few weeks it bodes well to cultivate a stronger bond to our own sense of inner knowing and to seek inspiration, guidance and direction on the inner planes.

quote from Divine Sparks by Karen Speerstra

Mars, Chiron and Mercury

One of my favorite teaching stories involves a curse made on a newborn child by a fairy who was not invited to the christening. One of the things this story shows is the power of speech to frighten and wound others. We have all been victims of critical and discouraging speech – whether intentional or not. With Mars, Chiron and Mercury together in Pisces now breakthroughs are possible about personal power that has been lost due internalizing attitudes that were not ours to begin with. This can be helpful in reclaiming power and moving in a direction of increased authenticity.