Mercury opposes Sedna

In Inuit mythology Sedna as young women was thrown overboard into the sea by her father as punishment for something she had done- no one could remember what. Her body became nourishment for the creatures of the sea and years later when fishing boats returned to shore with great bounty, the Intuits believed it was due to the blessings of the sea goddess Sedna.

Sedna, the asteroid in Astrology, is a bit like Pluto – governing profound transformation. This week as Mercury opposes Sedna is a good time to reclaim courage which was lost through the influence or disapproval of others – be they familial, political, religious or cultural. The lost power may also be of an ancestral or karmic nature – issues inherited through the bloodlines or issues that have been worked on through different lifetimes.

This reclamation process can help us to live more authentic, empowered lives. It can also create new ideas and thus lead to increased opportunity, growth and expansion.