New Moon in Gemini and Neptune stations Retrograde

“If you change the names of things you change the way people will regard them.” Neil Postman

Neptune stationed retrograde on Friday 6/12 at 5:09 am. It will be in retrograde mode through Nov 18. This time frame bodes well for developing the powers of intuition and looking below the surface of things. It is also a good time to revisit dreams, aspirations and illusions with the intent of proceeding with more clarity in the future.

The New Moon is Tuesday at 25 degrees of Gemini conjunct Mars – making it a time of impulsive, aggressive energy. Projects started under this influence will receive an energetic boost.

The Gemini Moon makes challenging aspects to Chiron – the asteroid of the Wounded Healer- and the Black Moon Lilith. This is a volatile combination which can result in sudden anger and impulsive speech.

With Chiron’s involvement there is an opportunity for another level of healing if difficult situations arise. The Gemini Moon encourages taking multiple perspectives.

It is best to approach next week with moderation in mind.

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