The Magic of Thresholds

“People could see Artemis standing at the doorway… she helped people across thresholds.” Buffie Johnson*

We stand at a threshold now as Mercury slows down and prepares to station retrograde on Nov 6. At the time of the station Chiron, the asteroid of the wounded healer will be strong in the sky due to its close alignment with Neptune the planet of dreams and imagination. Chiron’s placement in a natal chart represents an area of life where an evolutionary journey of wounding and healing takes place. Often there can be a fragmented quality to the way we think about or perceive of that area of life. For the next several days pay attention to information that comes through an intuitive or inspired imaginative process that fills in the blanks in areas where your customary thought process can get stumped or discouraged. Pay particular attention to images that create a sense of joy or images which could represent an important piece on the map of a seeker’s journey

*Quote from Lady of the Beasts

November ’12 Astrology

“It is a wise man who rules the stars, and a fool who is ruled by them.” -Darryl Martini,

The mists of Neptune will be with us much of the month – it is as if the Sea God has waved his trident and covered the land with fog. The month begins under the influence of Mercury square Neptune which can create confusion with linear thinking and communication. On the 6th, Election Day in the US Mercury stations retrograde. Use the early part of the month to entertain creative and inspired ideas about your life. Be pragmatic about creating a path for them after the 17th. Make an extra effort to keep communication clear throughout the entire month.

On the 1st Venus in early Libra is entering into the Pluto/Uranus square. If you have been striving to improve areas of your life related to love, finances, self worth and self esteem this is a time to acknowledge progress and commit or recommit to aspirations in these realms. It is time when old oppressive dynamics can be seen as dust in the rear view mirror.

For the second time in American history Mercury will station retrograde on Election Day November 6. The only time this has happened before in US history was in 2000 -on the day of the Bush/Gore election. Mercury retrograde can bring challenges related to machinery and communication (many of the voting booths along the east coast will be relocated on short notice due to the storm and many people in those areas have relocated for example.) It is likely that there will be confusion in determining the accuracy of the vote count and contested results. The outcome may remain uncertain for awhile as we saw in 2000.

One of the reasons wise rulers of old had astrologers as advisers was to be informed about making plans in accordance to cosmic rhythms. Astrologically it would be inadvisable to hold an election on the day of a Mercury station (again.)

If possible make any necessary repairs to machinery/electronics before the 6th. Make sure devices are backed up before that time as well.

Neptune stations direct on the 11th at 0 Pisces.

There is a Solar Eclipse on November 13 at 21 degrees of Scorpio. Check the houses of your chart to see where this eclipse falls – this is the area of life which is undergoing a transformational evolutionary process. It is a good idea to be in tune with it.

Mars enters Capricorn – the sign of the worker and planner on the 16th and moves up to a powerful aspect to Pluto. Use this pragmatic, highly energized influence for organization and planning. Be innovative.

Guard against impulsive behavior through the end of the month.

Mercury will station direct on the 26th followed by the Lunar eclipse is the 28th at 6 degrees of Gemini. Eclipses are evolutionary in nature and their impact can be felt before and after the event.

Use the creative energy in the beginning of the month to expand your goals and visions and move forward with them after the 26th. Clear focused attention and intention will have the support of the universe.