The Magic of Thresholds

“People could see Artemis standing at the doorway… she helped people across thresholds.” Buffie Johnson*

We stand at a threshold now as Mercury slows down and prepares to station retrograde on Nov 6. At the time of the station Chiron, the asteroid of the wounded healer will be strong in the sky due to its close alignment with Neptune the planet of dreams and imagination. Chiron’s placement in a natal chart represents an area of life where an evolutionary journey of wounding and healing takes place. Often there can be a fragmented quality to the way we think about or perceive of that area of life. For the next several days pay attention to information that comes through an intuitive or inspired imaginative process that fills in the blanks in areas where your customary thought process can get stumped or discouraged. Pay particular attention to images that create a sense of joy or images which could represent an important piece on the map of a seeker’s journey

*Quote from Lady of the Beasts