New Moon in Sagittarius

Years ago I used to make fermented beverages – kombucha and beet kvass – in the pantry of our old New England farmhouse. It seemed like a magical activity to me , the silent, invisible process of fermentation and I liked to think of it as elves in the kitchen – like the elves in folk tales who would come secretly at night when everyone was sleeping and help with household tasks.

One of the Sabian symbols for this Saturday’s New Moon at 0 Sagittarius (at 7:32 am EST) is “Deep within the earth new elements are being formed.” This speaks of the deep changes which occur on an inner level as the result of an often invisible, evolutionary process – before change becomes visible in the outer world. It is a good time to acknowledge this kind of growth and development which has silently gone on and which eventually will bring you to the next step.

The Sun enters Sagittarius – the fire sign – on Saturday as well. The sign of Sagittarius is about life as a journey of discovery. Journeys – both inner and outer – have the power expand our vision.
The element of fire also brings light and it is a good time to stoke those inner fires of inspiration.

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