Mercury Retrograde in Libra

“The Pueblo Indians told me that all Americans are crazy, and of course I was astonished and asked them why. They said,” Well they say they think in their heads. No sound person thinks in her head. We think in the heart.” Carl Jung

During his retrograde journey this month Mercury traverses very early Scorpio and the late degrees of Libra. Although Mercury retrograde periods are often referred to as a hassle or disruptive in terms of linear time, these time frames hold valuable information as well. It is an opportunity for a retreat of the mind in a sense – to review and revision the ways you have thought about things – particularly things related to the house or houses that Mercury is retrograding through.
With other very powerful planetary aspects now in play it is possible to get the the roots of foundational thoughts which when examined in the light of day are found to no longer be accurate. Yet when unacknowledged, these thoughts can continue to motivate behaviors and keep you stuck in an old pattern.
So do take some time to look at the houses in your chart that Mercury is now moving through to see what opportunities may lie ahead with a shift in your thinking.

Amelia Shea specializes in issues of family, relationship and transition as well as life path and career.She can be reached at 603 654 1043, and Her readings start at $30 and can be done by phone, email and in person. Carl Jung quote from The Collected Works of C.G. Jung

“And all the obstacles along the way
Sometimes may feel tremendous
There are guides and spirits all along the way
Who will befriend us.” Van Morrison

The upcoming Lunar Eclipse occurs on October 8 at 15 degrees of Aries. It is a very powerful doorway for identity as the eclipse falls across the axis of self and others. It is a good time to clarify who you are in the present and where you are going in your life. It is also a good time to acknowledge and let go of any outgrown or limited definitions of yourself – including those given to you by others.

Venus is conjunct the Sun on the Ascendant indicating that it is wise to love and support who you are in the present. With the Moon conjunct Uranus on the Descendant it is time to let go of the past and the way others have defined you and move in a more powerful direction of self actualization, freedom and autonomy.

One of the Sabian symbols for this placement is,” Brightly clad brownies dancing in the warm dying light.” Brownies – who are often referred to as elementals or nature spirits – have existed throughout time in many cultures. They were known to be friendly and helpful to humans particularly with household tasks. Brownies had to be asked for help however. It is a reminder that help and assistance is always available to us from invisible realms if we are open to it.

Van Morrison quote from his song Checkin it Out, Sabian symbol quote from Lynda Hill’s 360 Degrees of Wisdom.