Full Moon in Aquarius

“You’re no different.You came into this world as an answer to a prayer, a solution to a need. If there was no need for you, you would never have shown up. The fact that you were born is the guarantee that you have a reason for being here. There is something you came to give- a gift, a talent, a message, a meaning. The world needs you to be you.”
Derek Rydell

On Tuesday the Moon waxes Full at 28 degrees of Aquarius.The Sabian symbol for this degree is, ” A Butterfly Emerging from a Chrysalis.” This is a powerful time along the path of personal destiny and a powerful time to more closely align your inner life with your actions in the outer world. Acknowledge progress about who you are becoming as you move towards a new level of increased authenticity. The symbol for the Sun is, “A Mermaid Has Climbed to a Rocky Shore of a Bleak Coast. She Awaits the Prince who will Bring her Immortality.” This symbol speaks about making dreams and visions real. It is a caution against projecting power or wishes on to others. It bodes well to build your strength for the journey consciously and avoid undermining it through unconscious patterning.

*Quote from The Choice for Love by Derek Rydell, Sabian symbol quote from Lynda Hill’s 360 Degrees of Wisdom. All times mentioned are EDT.