The Alchemists, Full Moons and Mercury & Venus in New Territory

“Even my best friends
Even my best friends
They don’t know
That my job is turning lead into gold.

Up in the morning
Up in the morning on the road
My job is searching for
The Philosopher’s Stone.” Van Morrison

So much of the ability to move freely forward in life has to do with the ability to transform perceptions of the past. The ancient alchemists spoke of this transformational process symbolically in their striving to turn lead into gold. In other words to change something heavy and burdensome into something of great value. Gold symbolizes heart warmth as well and often this process has to do with integrating more love, compassion and forgiveness into the old perception in order to understand it more deeply and release it in the old form.

This kind of process can be ongoing in nature but there are particularly auspicious times indicated by the movement of the celestial bodies in anyone’s chart. Full Moons are astrologically one of the times these crossroads can present themselves – particularly when a full moon occurs around twenty years after a significant event in your life. At that time the Moon will wax full at the same degree and sign as twenty years prior. If memories of that time or event occur to you or if someone enters your life who triggers those memories in some form, it could indicate that this is happening in your chart. The reason for the re-occurence is to offer another level of release of the original event in its old form and move forward in a more empowered, wiser way.

Today’s Full Moon at at 11 degrees of  Taurus. This Full Moon cycle will be in effect through the Full Moon on Dec 3rd.

This week both Mercury and Venus change signs. Mercury will ingress into Sagittarius and Venus into Scorpio. This placement of Mercury offers the opportunity to broaden perspective and brings in new info. Venus is Scorpio deepens passion and increases intensity in relationship. I have a good friend, a therapist in Ireland who used to say,”The two biggest issues in any relationship are sex and money.” This duo can be on the table now as well as the desire to break free of restrictions in relationship, the desire to move relationships in a more innovative direction and love at first sight occurrences.

The Sabian symbols for Mercury and Venus at this time are,” The ocean covered with white caps” and “A sight- seeing bus filled with tourists.”

Sabian symbols from Lynda Hill

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