The Moon Conjunct the North Node

“And the caravan is on its way
I can hear the merry gypsies play,
Gypsy Robin, Sweet Emma Rose
Tell me everything I need to know.” Van Morrison

I was reading an astrology forecast this morning from Eric Linter. He is an astrologer who I knew awhile back when he lived in a rustic stone cabin on a remote, beautiful hillside near a pristine granite quarry. In winter we would skate on the quarry and on hot summer days we would dive off the cliffs and swim there.

As Christmas approached one year and my little daughter was hoping for a dollhouse, Eric built a beautiful one for us. It was three stories high with cedar shingles on the roof, a star carved on the front door and a shiny brass doorknob.

There was always something  kind of magical and mysterious to me  about Eric and his friends that shared the cabin with him. They were a bit nomadic and seemed to be free and in touch with things that were important – a life away from the more burdensome aspects of  contemporary American society.  They each played an instrument and lived close to the earth. There was a woman with two small daughters –  one who had long red hair like her mother.  One day the daughter came home from school and was upset because a classmate had been mean to her. Her mother smiled and said,  “People like that need love.”

In his recent forecast Eric was writing about the Moon conjunct the North Node. In a birth chart this aspect is associated with destiny and life mission and indicates that there will be a lot of twists and turns in getting where one needs to go in this lifetime. Eric’s suggestion about it was,”Live from your joyful essence.” Perhaps the ability to look at life this way is one of the reasons why Eric and his friends seemed so mysterious and wise to me.

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