The Full Moon in Libra and This Weeks Astrology

“It later became clear to me that no matter what we do in science or any other area, it will not help if we don’t find a way to be related to each other on a deep level.” David Bohm

“I like it better here where I can sit just quietly and smell the flowers.” Ferdinand the Bull

This weekend I attended a workshop led by Lynn Bell who teaches at the Centre for Psychological Astrology in London.  The workshop was about the Pluto/Saturn conjunction and the cycles of these two planetary power houses throughout history. In the course of her lecture Lynn Bell spoke about JK  Rowling’s chart and the publication of her first book about Harry Potter. When originally she was writing the story, JK Rowling heard a voice tell her that if she could manage to get the book published it would be very successful. She was rejected by publisher after publisher but persevered until she  finally found the one who would put her book out into the public and lead to its wide recognition and success.

Monday and Tuesday are a good time to heighten awareness to receive  intuitive messages with Mercury semi-sextile Uranus in Taurus. Do be open to messages related to the higher visions in your life – information which can point the way forward in a way you may not have anticipated.

Mercury enters the sign of Aries on Tuesday. This sign is associated with direct speech that can  at times be  unaware of its influence on others. It is wise to take extra care in communications now for this reason and also because we are entering into a Full Moon phase which is very much about relationships and the strains and stresses that can be encountered in that realm.

The Moon Waxes Full on Friday at the karmic degree – 29 degrees of Libra. The Moon will be making a challenging aspect to Venus -almost at that degree- at 28 degrees of Pisces which can make this a testy time for relationships of all kinds – romantic, work, friendship etc. The Moon is opposing Uranus at this time as well indicating the likelihood of sudden endings or beginnings and separations as well as revelations or breakthroughs  about relationship issues. Hidden information can come out.

This theme is also emphasized by Mercury moving up to a conjunction with Chiron in Aries. Best to be open to the possibility of breakthroughs that enable your to move on more freely.

Saturday the Sun moves into Taurus the sign of the bull.

The Sabian symbol for the Sun’s entrance into Taurus is,”An electrcal storm illuminates the heavens and the forests.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill



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