The Sun in Taurus, Uranus and Venus

“Uranus’ transit of Taurus is redefining security, resources and values by abruptly shaking what’s been set and stagnant.” Nadia Gilchrist

“So as I learned from my journalism teacher and as I now teach others detachment is essential to accomplishing an accurate evaluation.” Carolyn Myss

“There are no problems, only solutions.” John Lennon

Uranus, the futuristic planet of innovation recently entered the sign of Taurus. This earthy sign governs values (what we own)  and what we value – materially, emotionally and spiritually. Depending on which house in your chart Uranus is transiting for the next seven years, there is likely to be a shift or change in what you value in that area. Uranus is also the planet of detachment. It is wise in these rapidly changing times, to stand back when things get heated and reevaluate them from a different perspective.

The powerful transformative alignment of Pluto, Saturn and the South Node is calling for restructuring. We can see this influence in the disruptions to established structures in the outside world and it also has an influence on the inner life. It is wise to focus on what no longer works and creating a system that functions more effectively and appropriately for your current circumstances.

The Sun has been traveling with Uranus – do be open to innovative ideas and new directions for your life that open up a freer path.

Venus enters the sign Aries this week. Aries is the go- getter sign of the zodiac, likes to start things and has courage and drive to accomplish them. This week Venus conjuncts Chiron in Aries which can bring us in touch with longstanding or inherited  wounds  related to self esteem, finances and love. If this occurs it’s wise to take a detached view of the situation in order to see more clearly what needs to be done to move in a new direction. Sometimes it is a matter of a shift in perspective. There is a lot of courage available now for this kind of process with this duo.

Illumination, Breakthroughs and wake up calls are on the table now!

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,”Natural steps to a lawn blooming with clover. “

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