The Sun, Venus and Uranus

“Freedom is necessary for choice and choice in necessary for wisdom and growth… the sacred world of love and wisdom, fiery intelligence and passionate will, imagination and delight – is a world of freedom. But it is also binding and connecting.” David Spangler

“They’re both convinced
that a sudden passion joined them.
Such certainty is beautiful,
But uncertainty is more beautiful still…

Every beginning is a sequel after all,
and the book of events
is always open halfway through.” Wislawa Szymborska

This week the Sun will be making a harmonious aspect to Uranus. On  Thursday as Venus enters Pisces the planet of love and beauty will also be aligning with Uranus, the planet of freedom, surprises and of the unexpected.

The Sun in this alignment indicates a good time for originality in thinking. It bodes well under this influence to let go of outmoded ways of thinking  and feeling – and move forward with increased  clarity and determination.

Uranus is  a lover of innovation. When partnering up with Venus it  provides a good time  to muse about  new models for relationship (all kinds of relationships) which allow for more spontaneity, authenticity  and autonomy.

Old lovers can reappear under this influence and there can be “love at first sight ” events.

Mars is moving up to a good alignment to Pluto. These two, when together, are unstoppable and lend energy, drive and determination. It’s a good week for getting things done.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,”A bridge being built across a high narrow gorge. ”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill

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