This Week’s Astrology

“I know of the way of all things by what is within me.” Lao Tzu

“In general intuition flourishes only when it is valued. Intuition is potentially available to everyone. Some people choose to develop it, others do not.” Frances Vaughn

In the beginning of this week it bodes well to  be aware of your intuition and the prompts and clues that may be surfacing with Mercury’s favorable aspect to the North Node  of Destiny and Life Path. Also the Sun will make an aspect to Eris lending the potential for further intimations of how to make your way forward on your life path. Pay attention to energy that seems to be building in your life.

The Sun in Pisces  is moving up to a sextile to Mars in Taurus  on Wednesday indicating  this week is a good time to ground visions with a pragmatic approach. The earthy sign of Taurus can help bring the psychic and intuitive dreams and visions of Pisces into form in an lasting way.

Friday Venus will move out of Capricorn into Aquarius. Venus in Aquarius values independence and evolution and in relationship as opposed to the sign of Capricorn which values a more traditional approach.  Do be open to new ideas about relationships and new approaches to what abundance means to you. At the same time Venus will be making a positive aspect to Chiron – making this a good time to improve self esteem.

One of the Sabian symbols for Venus moving into Aquarius is,” An unexpected thunderstorm.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill





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