Mercury Turns Retrograde Tuesday and This Week’s Astrology

” You see things; and you say ‘why?’
But I dream things that never were and say,’Why not?’ ” George Bernard Shaw 

“Exploring the question brings more wisdom than having the answer.”  A Course in Miracles

Pisces, the sign of poets, of artists and of spiritual seekers is a major player in this week’s astrology. There is some significant astrological activity this week which can leave us feeling “coming and going” or with shifting perceptions.

Mercury will station retrograde at 29 degrees of Pisces on Tuesday at 1:19 PM EST. Retrograde periods are a good time to pause – to rethink, renew and rejuvenate. The retrograde period will last through March 28.

Interactions can be more confusing during this time – do make an extra effort to communicate clearly as misunderstandings can more easily occur. It’s best to review any unclear texts, emails etc before jumping to conclusions. Be careful to think through any decisions during this retrograde period and be open to the possibility that they may need to undergo revision in the future. It is best to look at this month as time time when information is emerging and evolving rather than a time when it’s all in.

Uranus moves into the sign of Taurus on Tuesday as well. Uranus is the planet of innovation and of the future. It governs all things cyber, lightning and inventions that are ahead of their time. In combination with the Mercury station it bodes well to back up files and plan to have patience with  possible delays and snafus with cyber devices. Do heed any innovative ideas that emerge related to  improving financial matters.  If your aspirations and the way you provide for them are not in balance, this time frame can disrupt habitual, unproductive thoughts and clear the way for new approaches.

Uranus will transit this sign until April 2026

The New Moon follows on Wednesday-  at 15 Pisces conjunct  Neptune, the planet of dreams and mystical journeys. New Moons are always a good time to reaffirm or reset intentions but this month it’s better to think of this time as a seed point with more guidance and direction to emerge in the period of reflection.

In astrology it is often advised that when Uranus is a strong influence -as it is this week- to “expect the unexpected.” In a certain sense this is a familiar background to the time in which we are living where the Uranus/Pluto influence is correlated with a lot of change globally. It is wise to provide extra downtime for reflection, renewal and the integration of information. Significant Uranus transits can tax the nervous system and be times when”life comes at you fast.”

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,”Light breaking into many colors as it passes through a prism.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill



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