This Weeks Astrology

“Wrong was easy; gravity helped it.
Right is difficult and long.
In choosing what is difficult
we are free, the mind too
making its little flight
out from the shadow into the clear
in time between work and sleep.” Wendell Berry

“The healing
that is ours and nature’s will come
if we are willing, if we are patient,
if we know the way, if we will do the work.” Wendell Berry

This is a good week to keep balance and equilibrium in mind. Both Venus and  Sun are  moving up to a fiery trine to Jupiter. This indicates an increase in optimism and expansion. But at the same time both Venus and the Sun will be making a challenging aspect to Saturn indicating a need for adjustment. It’s wise to assume that any endeavors initiated this week will be tested and to make sure that any plans have solid foundations and are well thought out before proceeding. Keeping a healthy balance between optimism and pragmatism bodes well.

It’s wise to raise awareness about any information which surfaces this week  related to your life path as the Sun aspects the North Node of fate and destiny. There can be significant insights now about direction and how to proceed.

Both Jupiter and Uranus are  strong influence throughout the week as they prepare to station on Saturday the 11th – Jupiter stationing direct and Uranus stationing retrograde. The Jupiter station can expand vision and optimism and projects that have been stuck can start to move forward with this influence.

Uranus in Taurus is associated with the re-emergence of the Feminine (in both men and women) on the planet and is bringing along a shake up of the old order including values and institutions rooted in patriarchal thinking. It’s a good time to release outdated thoughts and feelings that are holding you back.

One of the Sabian symbols for this week is, A bridge being built across a high narrow gorge.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill


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