This Week’s Astrology

“The past is both a comfort and a warning.” Stewart Brand

“Earth and heaven are in us.” Ghandi

This week we are still in the midst of the illusory territory of the inner planets – Mars, Mercury, Venus and the Sun – forming an opposition to Neptune. The opposition is occurring on the Virgo/Pisces axis. The sign of Virgo governs health and daily routines and the need for order. The sign of Pisces governs spirituality and the infinite nature of things-  where order and process can take on an ethereal quality. This opposition is still widely squaring Jupiter , the planet of expansion, which can bring an additional element of cloudiness to the mix.

It’s a good week in general to look at the interweaving of your spiritual aspirations and your every day routines and see if a better balance can be struck.  And keep your feet planted firmly on the ground.

It can be a week – as many people experienced last week – that can feel as if needed information is clouded, hidden or takes a longer time to ascertain.

Pallas in Scorpio is opposing Uranus indicating that sudden insights and revelations may occur this week. It’s wise to be open to any information of this nature.

Mars in Virgo will form a favorable alignment to the Lunar Nodes indicating a good time to see if there is information about the past which needs to be re-framed or updated. There is a more of an opportunity now to review  the past and see things- thoughts , attitudes, beliefs –  that might be blocking forward movement and would be better let go of. It also  bodes well for looking over what has been helpful in the past in getting you where you have wanted to go.  This kind of process will help see the path forward more clearly.

Mars will be squaring Jupiter this week indicating it’s wise to watch for overdoing and overspending. This is the alignment associated with overshooting the mark. A good week to keep moderation in mind.

As the week progresses the inner planets in Virgo will move up to a harmonious alignment to Pluto, indicating a good time to get to the bottom of things. Again the theme of the past is involved due to the presence of the South Node. This can provide a good time to see ancestral and familial influences more clearly and decide which ones are helpful and positive and which would be best let go of.

The Moon waxes full Saturday at 21 degrees of Pisces conjunct Neptune. This is a good time for meditation, artistic work  and spiritual growth. Watch for the pull of addiction.

Full Moons are also a good time to be in touch with your higher aspirations for the future of our small planet.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,”A general accepting defeat gracefully.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill



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