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“Slippin’ away, what can I say,
Won’t you stay inside me month of May
And hold on to me golden day,
Slippin’ away.

Sunshine on my wall to keep my mind
On the things I’m sayin’
Footsteps in the hall
To tell me I’ve been this way before.” James Taylor

“The act of perception is always open-ended and unfinished.”David Abram

Mars, the war god in astrology is strong in the sky this week. There is a story astrologers tell sometimes about this feisty figure; that Mars in his exuberance and enthusiasm for engaging in conflict suited up and was all ready to go when he realized he didn’t know where battle was. There is a bit of that type of energy about this week as Mars in Virgo aspects a number of planets.

Mars is now conjunct the Sun and Mercury  and Venus in Virgo, which can contribute to a more restless and impatient time in which self assertion and aggression can come come to the forefront. It’s best this week to tackle projects that require energy and discernment and keep moderation in mind.

All of these planets are aspecting the Jupiter/Neptune square which will be exact for the third and final time this month. This duo is associated with dreams and visions that create a sense of exuberance but do not have enough of a stable foundation in reality to count on. Thus there can be a sense of heightened idealism which can result in considerable disappointment. It can be difficult to see the reality of things with this aspect in full force and things may fall apart more easily. Again, holding to the path of moderation and ensuring a solid foundation for plans and initiatives bodes well under this influence.

This stellium of planets in Virgo will be making a favorable alignment to Saturn which can provide a very stable, no -nonsense  anchor at times like these.

The asteroid Pallas Athene recently entered the sign of Scorpio. This  goddess was always depicted with an owl on her shoulder. Owls can see in the darkness and she carried the owl as a reminder to look more deeply into what was not obvious in the light of day,  to look for  what she was not seeing.

Pallas brought the knowledge of diplomacy and mediation to the gods and goddesses. She was known for her expertise in strategy. When conflict arose she would use her many skills to bring about a peaceful resolution. But when these tools were implemented to no positive end, she was invincible in battle.

Pallas in Scorpio speaks of the kind of perception that goes to the core of situations and is able to grasp the essential meaning. It is like someone in the intelligence service who gathers all the available information so that action may be taken eventually in an accurate and  comprehensive way. It is like the therapist or psychic that can get right to the root of the problem.

It is wise now to take that approach rather than acting out of irritability or impulsiveness. Best to look for what you might not be seeing in situations.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,”A broken bottle and spilled perfume.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill



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