This Week’s Astrology Forecast

“The trouble with anger is that it makes us overstate our case and prevents us from reaching awareness. We often damage our case by anger.” Anais Nin

“Only with winter patience can we bring the deep desired, long awaited spring.” Anne Morrow Lindburgh

Pallas Athene the asteroid goddess of compassionate justice is a strong influence in astrology this week – being in late Libra and in opposition to the fiery Mars /Uranus conjunction in late Aries. This indicates that issues of justice and fairness may be front and center this week in relationships of all kinds. The influence of the Mars/Uranus conjunction can  create a time when there is a strong, insistent desire to push for change and when the tendency towards impulsive behavior is strong. Tempers can more easily be tested.

It’s a good week in general to nurture the nervous system, provide for extra down time and practice patience. As my friend the astrologer Dietrich Pessin said, “be part of the solution, not part of the problem.”

It’s a good week to minimize screen time.

Pallas Athene was known for her great diplomatic skills and she brought the knowledge of  conflict resolution to the gods and goddesses . The Mars/ Uranus conjunction can ramp up nervous tension which can easily lead to testy interactions. It’s best to take a step back and think things through rather than responding impulsively if these kinds of situations arise. Pallas Athene is in the sign of Libra now and this sign throughout history has been associated with the people who signed peace accords and ended wars. But, as Isabelle Hickey once noted, it is often Libras who have started the wars.

Mercury has now entered the sign of Pisces meaning it is a good time for heightened intuition, creative and spiritual growth and symbolic sight. It’s a good week to look at things from a larger perspective – the kind of perspective poetry can often provide.

Mercury is also conjunct Vesta, the asteroid of the sacred fire. This indicates it is a good time to draw on inspiration and bring more light into the way you are looking at things.

Mars will move out of the fiery sign of Aries and into the earth sign of Taurus on Thursday. Taurus is the sign of the Bull and known for its steadiness and perseverance.

The world is in the midst of a lot of change as we enter the Age of Aquarius and its wise to stay in tune with your higher aspirations for the planet’s future.

One of the Sabian symbols for the Mars/Uranus conjunction is, “A duck pond and its young brood.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill



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