Those Summer Days with Uranus and Mars

“Sometimes life is so surprising there is nothing to do but just live.” Emily Dickinson

I often do the preparation for my astrology readings in cafes. Some of the work I do involves musing about the meaning of things and it is helpful to me to be in an environment where delicious food is being prepared and the espresso machine is busily steaming away.

This week  I had planned to work on a chart at one of our many cafes here. But when I  arrived there were no cars in the parking lot and a note on the door which said they were closed- sorry for any inconvenience.

The next day when I went back I asked one of my friends who works there what had happened. She said that the chef had  called in sick. They thought they could handle it with the staff that was there but then they found out that everything in the fridge was warm and there had a problem with the refrigeration overnight.

Ray Merriman, an astrologer with a financial background who advises investors and writes about the stock market cycles, called this summer’s Mars/Uranus square, “sudden disruptions.” It is a good time to keep flexibility in mind and a good idea to take good care of the nervous system. This aspect is active now and  will be in effect through the end of September.

Uranus is the planet of the unexpected. It governs innovations and technologies that are ahead of their time. It also governs lightning. It has a sudden, surprising nature to it which can impact the nervous system.

Mars is the god of action  and  governs how we move forward.

The Mars/Uranus aspect is like having the Hindu God, Ganesha, about. Ganesha is known for removing obstacles but he can also put obstacles in our way in order to create circumstances in which we can grow – circumstances that require resourcefulness, resilience, perseverance and steadfastness in the midst of unexpected and  sometimes rapidly changing circumstances.

One of the Sabian symbols associated with this aspect is,”An electrical storm illuminates the heavens and the forests.”

Sabian Symbol from Lynda Hill

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