Thoughts on this Mercury Retrograde

“Perhaps synchronicities, like dreams and symptoms, are happening all the time and we simply don’t notice them until they reach a certain level of explicitness… Maybe they have to shout and wave flags, splash their perfume around, put on sequins and dance a hootchy- kootchy. In the Age of Information a lot competes for out attention.” Greg Levoy

The chart for Mercury’s station last Wednesday holds some very good aspects for synchronicity with Uranus sextile the Moon and Mercury.The aspects suggest that in addition to the wisdom available during this retrograde period – through rethinking and recharging – there can also be somewhat magical moments that occur quite unexpectedly. A component of this is good timing – but probably not the timing that you had planned.

It bodes well to be aware that The Trickster is about and that he may be pointing the way in surprising ways.

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