Venus Moves into Pisces

“We tend to over explain and over interpret which separates us from astonishment.” Eugene Ionesco

Venus recently moved into the otherworldly sign of Pisces – the sign of the mystic and the dreamer. Venus will transit through this sign through the 21st of February. This time frame bodes well for spiritual development, for creative projects and for creative to visualization.

Through the 4th Venus will be squaring Saturn. Under this aspect issues of scarcity can arise – related to self worth, self esteem and finances. In astrology squares are a challenge to overcome something so this time frame provides a challenge to improve your life in these areas.

Pisces is also the sign of illusion and during the Mercury retrograde period it is good to reevaluate dreams or endeavors that may have gone awry or evolved differently than they initially appeared. Best to postpone taking action on anything like this until after Mercury stations direct on Feb 12. Mercury Retrograde periods provide very good timing for growing in wisdom with the opportunity of starting anew when it stations direct.

It also bodes well to revisit dreams that have not yet come to fruition to consider whether revitalization – perhaps in a new form – is a worthy pursuit.

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