Uranus Enters Taurus

“Uranus’s force is a lightning bolt, casting illumination wherever it travels.” Caroline Casey

It bodes well to plan to navigate the time between now and May 15 keeping patience and moderation in mind.  On that day there is a powerful New Moon and it’s also the day Uranus enters Taurus for the first time in 84 years.  Uranus is the planet of innovation and discovery – it governs  lightning and and inventions that are ahead of their time.

The Tarot Card associated with Uranus is the Tower which shows a castle being hit by lightning – casting out it’s regal occupants. In the old texts, lightning  was called “hand of god.” The lightning strike of Uranus breaks up old forms which are outdated. It breaks up stagnation in order to create something new. It’s an excellent time to be thinking about moving your life in a more authentic direction.

Mercury is moving up to a conjunction with Uranus in late Aries. This aspect is associated with sudden knowing or sudden illumination. It bodes well to heed any intuitions or revelations of this nature. This is the brilliant side of Uranus.

But at the same time, Mercury is squaring Pluto and Mars is squaring Uranus. Patience may be more easily tried and nerves may be more on edge. Best to avoid impulsive actions and watch for it on the part of others.
And to keep patience and moderation in mind throughout this time.

One of the  Sabian symbols for the Mercury/Uranus conjunction is,”Through imagination a lost opportunity is gained.” Lynda Hill

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