Neptune, Vesta, The Sun and Venus

“The closer we get to Spirit the less energy we need to effect change.” Alberto Villoldo

“The books we read should be chosen with great care, that they may be, as an Egyptian king wrote over the shelves in his library, “The medicines of the soul.” E. Paxton Hood

I was recently watching an interview with Paul Mc Cartney in which he was asked if he’d ever  had dreams about John Lennon. He replied that he had and often does and that they’re good dreams. He was then asked if he ever wrote music in his dreams and he also said yes – that was how his song “Yesterday”  was written.  He said he  had awakened one morning with a tune in his head. He played it on the keyboard near his bed (“it was a small apartment.”) He thought maybe it was a tune his father had played when he was young and he called around to his friends to see if they were familiar with it. Since no one knew of it, he claimed it as his own.

We are in the realm of dreams – of all kinds – now  as the Sun is squaring Neptune  and will be in influence through the upcoming week. It can be a time when there is more confusion and a tendency for more distraction but a very good time for daydreams and nighttime dreams. In general it s a good time for guidance from the higher realms as many spiritual traditions believe we are closer to the spiritual world when sleeping.

The Sun will be in a positive alignment with the asteroid Pallas Athene – indicating there’s help and strategy available for future aspirations. This can be accomplished by broadening your perspective and looking for new information as both are in Sagittarius – the sign of the Seeker. Busy Mercury will move into this sign this week too – Mercury is very good at gathering information.

Also this week Vesta – the asteroid of the Vestal Virgins who kept the sacred fires of ancient Rome alight – is in a beneficial trine with Venus in Capricorn. Vesta is in Taurus and this is associated with investing in things that make us feel safe and secure while keeping ethics high and keeping in mind the long term – as the sign of Capricorn is concerned with solid long term outcomes.

It’s wise at this time – given all the changes on the planet – to factor in the well being of the natural world with any investments.

The Moon waxes Full Thursday at 19 Gemini – more about that later -although Gemini too is about information and this week is likely to be one of unfolding information in both the private and public spheres. So it’s a good time to seek it.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,”In a museum a large archaic volume reveals a traditional wisdom.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill


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