Mars in Libra and Venus Enters Scorpio

“Anyone can become angry-that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose and in the right way- this is not easy.” Aristotle

Mars is now in Libra through late November. Mars is the god of action, drive and passion and is not happy in the more accomodating sign of Libra.

It is wise throughout this month and next  when dealing with others, to keep in mind patience,  sensitivity and tactfulness  to avoid the upsets and misunderstandings that can more easily occur  under this placement.

In the beginning of the week  Pallas Athene – the goddess of wisdom and strategic vision is in a favorable alignment with Neptune, the planet of idealism, dreams and visions. Pallas  brought the knowledge of diplomacy and conflict resolution to the gods and goddesses. She excelled at both but when battle was the only option left, she proved invincible. This alignment provides a good time to be open to inspiration, imagination and guidance  in terms of what you are advocating for in your life. It is also a good time to reaffirm your resolve to make it happen.

The Sun moves up to a square to Saturn at the beginning of the week. This is a good placement for getting work done as long as you are willing to overcome  obstacles that might arise  in the process.

Venus moves out of the sign of Libra Tuesday and into the sign of Scorpio. Venus in Libra likes relationships that are harmonious and Venus in Scorpio is more about the deep, passionate, transformative side of partnership.

Mars in Libra will move up to a challenging alignment to Chiron this week – bringing to  awareness challenges about personal power and self assertion. It’s a good time to rethink this are of life and see if any adjustments would be helpful.

Venus makes an inconjunct to Neptune indicating that it’s wise to avoid idealizing others, relationships and situations. The pull of addictions can be stronger under this influence. Best to keep  moderation and pragmatics in mind.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is, “A youth holding a lighted candle in a devotional ritual gains a sense of the great ‘other world.'”

Sabian symbol by Lynda Hill


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