Sunday’s Full Moon in Aries

“Dreams can be cultivated, requested and experienced in ways that are difficult to anticipate.”Sandra Weintraub

“No one can give a definition of soul. But we know what it feels like. The soul is a burning desire to breathe in this world of light and to never lose it – to remain children of light.” Albert Schweitzer

“Soul is what connects you to everyone and everything else. ” Tom Chappell

The Moon waxes full Sunday at 20 degrees of Aries 5:08 PM EDT. At this time the Sun will be making a challenging aspect to both Pluto an Saturn. This indicates a powerful time of opportunity to release old patterns. This in turn will make room for new visions and opportunities.

There is a grand trine – a very beneficent alignment- between Mercury, Neptune an the North Node of life path and personal destiny. This indicates a very good time for inspiration and guidance about your soul’s yearnings and your path forward. Meditation and creativity can flourish under this influence.

The Full Moon is in Aries indicating a good time to look at interaction in relationships. It’s wise to consider how you handle self assertion and whether there’s room for improvement.  It’s also wise to consider how you handle anger and conflict in your relationships with others. Do impulsiveness and impatience need to be tempered and would more cooperation be beneficial? If any changes are called for, this is a very good time for releasing unproductive behavior patterns as there is support for creating new and more effective ones.

There is also considerable help from higher forces in moving along your life path at this time.

Venus is making a favorable aspect  to Neptune at this time making it a good time to follow your intuition about relationships and what kind of relationships you’d like going forward. It’s a good time to identify the relationships in your life that support your soul’s path forward. This aspect is also very good for spiritual growth and creative projects and a good time to make way for the new based on intuition.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,”A gate opens to the garden of all fulfilled desires.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill


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