August ’12 Astrology

“Through application comes awareness.” Edgar Cayce.

August 1 the Moon is waxes full at 10 degrees of Aquarius opposing the Sun in Leo. The sign of Leo governs royalty and the sign of Aquarius governs humanity. This is the polarity which we see echoed in many of the issues of our time as we move towards a more Aquarian time.

The sign of Aquarius also governs groups and associations we choose to align with – friends and coworkers who share kindred values and help us to actualize our work in the world more fully. This influence provides a good time to re- examine where we collaborate in order to function more effectively.

August 8 EDT Mercury turns direct at 1 degree of Leo. Heed any messages that come within few days before and after the day of the station – particularly those that have a surprising or innovative quality to them. Mercury/Uranus aspects are known for flashes of insight and breakthroughs are possible with lightning speed under this influence.

Venus will move into the sign of Cancer on the 9th and will form a harmonious trine to Neptune. Take advantage of this energy which is in play through mid month to expand imagination and dreams. It also bodes well for romance.

As we approach mid month the aspects becoming more challenging as Venus enters the Pluto/Uranus square. This can be a time when fears around scarcity can arise and present challenges we may have thought were resolved – challenges related to self esteem, relationship issues and finances. Feelings run deep. Proactively it is a time that offers another layer of healing around these issues as well as an opportunity to attain more clarity and develop courage and insight. Pluto/Venus aspects are related to developing a deeper understanding of life and the meaning of love in the world – often through a process that involves loss.

This can also bring “love at first sight” experiences – best entered into with these influences with caution and awareness.

The Sun moves into Virgo on the 23rd. The upcoming month will provide an opportunity to integrate a new levels of awareness more fully.

Mars moves into Scorpio on 8/23 – Mars is the god of action and loves to act impulsively. It is best all month long to avoid rushing as well as impulsive speech and behavior.

Quote from Divine Sparks by Karen Speerstra