Jupiter and the Sun

“Once in a blue moon there’s a thing called happiness- It happens when you’re in a natural state of grace.” Van Morrison, Once in a Blue Moon


Jupiter, the planet associated with benevloence, abundance and religious teachings is a strong influence in the sky now.

This morning as I paused to watch the electric blue dragonflies glitter as they danced and spun above the water at the Beaver Pond a white pickup truck came down the road and stopped in front of me. The driver was smiling and asked in a conspiratorial tone, “Is this a good place to drop off a turtle?” I nodded my head yes and he jumped out of the pickup.

“I picked him up a minute ago,” he said, retrieving the small painted turtle from the back of his truck. “He was in the middle of the road and I was afraid someone would hit him. ”

He gently placed the turtle on the hill by the water’s edge where it made its way slowly through the way grass.

“Well that’s my good deed for the day,” he said smiling as he drove off.

Good deeds are associated with Jupiter – the application of spiritual teachings. So much of the news we hear these days is about strife and conflict and the inability to resolve problems. It is good to remember the benevolence of Jupiter – that many small deeds like this – too numerous to count- are also enacted every day by individuals who receive no credit or recognition for them. But these small deeds very much contribute to a more thoughtful, more connected, more generous world.