Friday’s New Moon in Virgo

“Thinking is the talking of soul with itself. All thoughts begin in wonder.” Plato

“New ways of thinking about familiar things can release new energies and make all manner of things possible.” Charles Handy

The Moon waxes new Friday T 6 degrees of Virgo at 6:37 AM EDT. The Moon will align with  a number of planets in Virgo which are making a favorable and powerful alignment with Uranus, the planet of innovation and unexpected events. Venus and Mars, the planets of attraction are together at this time as well as Venus and Juno. This indicates an ease in  moving along on your desired life path as well as with your commitments – both personal and professional. There is  help from the universe (perhaps in unexpected ways) given one caveat; you must be specific and willing to follow through. What bodes well for success under this alignment is more like rolling out a detailed plan or design than casting your fate to the winds.

Do focus on the details and be clear about your intentions. Then the wind is at your back.

It’s best to avoid overthinking and get active if you are feeling nervous.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is, “Two guardian angels bringing protection.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hil



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