Jupiter trines Uranus in Fire

“The main operating principle of linear time is causality, or cause and effect, which is the basis of modern science. Ancient shamanic systems teach that the chance occurrence of events, such as how people happen to run into each other serendipitously, is just a significant as the cause, or why those two people two people were in the same place at the same time. Synchronicity is more interested in the purpose and meaning of an event rather than in its cause.” Alberto Villoldo

The beneficent aspect between Uranus and Jupiter is in effect through the end of September. It is a good time to heighten awareness to synchronicities that occur and to heed the information that comes as a result. It is a time when stuck situations may find resolution through surprising sources and encounters.

Synchronicity beckons us to awaken to the magic of life that is ever present it we are open to it.