Venus trines Pluto

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.” Pablo Neruda

Venus is in Virgo now and moving up to a trine with Pluto – in effect through the 18th of this month. Pluto with his considerable powers of attraction and regeneration aligns favorably with Venus the ruler of pleasure, abundance and love.
It bodes well to enter this time frame with a clear picture of what you want to be attracting in these areas as there is increased magnetic energy about which opens the door to attracting a new relationship or reviving an old one as well as creating more abundance and pleasure in your life.

Old lovers may reappear under this aspect as well as relationships with a past life history.
It’s a good time to prune unproductive and limited beliefs you may have about your relationship to these areas of life in order to proceed with a clear and powerful vision of the future.

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