Mercury Stations Retrograde in Scorpio

“The highest magic is that which lies within ourselves.” Anodea Judith

Mercury stationed retrograde today at 18 degrees of Scorpio. This is an intriguing retrograde period (through November 1) as during this time Mercury will conjunct Saturn and then play a significant part in the upcoming eclipse on November 3. It is a good time to deepen awareness as information that has been hidden over time may be revealed – information that can enable you to unravel limited perceptions and understandings. One of the Sabian symbols associated with the retrograde is,
“A Woman Drawing Aside Two Dark Curtains That Closed the Entrance to a Sacred Pathway.”

Anodea Judith quote from Wheels of Life, Sabian symbol quote from Lynda Hill’s 360 Degrees of Wisdom

Friday’s New Moon

“We must look at the lens through which we see the world, as well as the world we see, and understand that the lens itself shapes how we interpret the world.” Stephen Covey

The New Moon is Friday 10/4 at 11 degrees of Libra. Particularly in areas where your life can feel problematic, look to underlying thought patterns, perceptions and assumptions that create a sense of limitation. This New Moon with its powerful aspects is an excellent time to break free of outgrown mental and emotional patterning through the use of intention and heightened awareness.
Astrologically many of the powerful aspects in play now are opening the door to personal and planetary evolution through the conscious use of the untapped powers of the mind.
One of the Sabian symbols for this placement is “A professor peering over his glasses at his students,” a reminder that knowledge is a process.

Stephen Covey quote & Sabian symbol quote from Lynda Hill’s 360 Degrees of Wisdom

Mercury Stations Direct

“The Chiron configuration often describes what connects an individual with his or her inner suffering and also a route through this to healing.” Melanie Reinhart

Mercury stations direct Saturday at 13 degrees of Cancer in trine to Chiron the asteroid of the Wounded Healer. Heed any intuitive messages which emerge particularly those which offer a new slant on an old perspective. One of the Chandra symbols associated with the station is, “A boarded up doorway that leads to another realm.” Doors of perception are open now which we do ordinarily have access to. These perceptions can free us of customary thought patterns which have outlived their usefulness.

Melanie Reinhart quote from Chiron and the Healing Journey, Chandra quote from Ellias Lonsdale’s Inside Degrees

Solar Eclipse in Taurus

“Eclipses affect cellular memory, facilitating our awakening and remembrance of our soul’s blueprint.” Stephanie Austin

The second in a series of three eclipses is Thursday May 9 at 19 degrees of Taurus. The sign of Taurus governs what we value. It is an excellent time to set intentions related to bringing more pleasure and meaning into our lives. It is also a good time to recapture the essence of what has brought happiness in the past and to be open to new forms for it in the present.
This eclipse is about the future. It is a good idea to be open to new experiences and ideas. One of the Chandra Symbols for this eclipse is, “A fork in the road with a blank sign post.”

Stephanie Austin is a writer and astrologer in Port Townsend, Washington. The Chandra symbol quote is from Ellias Lonsdale’s book, Inside Degrees.

New Moon in Aries

“Power consists to a large extent in deciding what stories will be told.” Carolyn G. Heilbrun

The New Moon is at 20 degrees of Aries on Wednesday April 10. With many planets in Aries now it is a highly energized time. To best harness the energy proceed with initiatives in a balanced, well thought out way.
It is a good time to explore how you express your individuality in the context of relationship and set new intentions for growth if necessary.

All times mentioned are EDT.

The Sun enters Pisces

“Behind our existence lies something else that becomes accessible to us only by our shaking off the world.” Arthur Schopenhauer

The images on the Tarot Cards have evolved down through time. For example the image on the Ace of Cups in the earliest decks was a chalice – symbolizing that a connection to God was to be found exclusively through the teachings of the Catholic Church. With the advent of the Protestant reformation the image on the Ace of Cups changed to a heart- symbolizing that each individual could be in touch with God or with the divine through one’s own heart or spiritual practice.

This is a good image for the Sun’s entrance into Pisces this week. Pisces is a spiritual, intuitive, creative sign and when properly actualized can feel the interconnectedness of all life as well as the realms of soul and spirit. For the next few weeks it bodes well to cultivate a stronger bond to our own sense of inner knowing and to seek inspiration, guidance and direction on the inner planes.

quote from Divine Sparks by Karen Speerstra

Chiron’s Influence this Month

“The quality of the imagination is to flow and not to freeze.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

This month much significant planetary activity involves Chiron – the asteroid of the Wounded Healer. Wherever Chiron falls in an individual’s chart there is a life long evolutionary journey of wounding and healing. There is usually fragmentation in the way we think about this area of life and a sense and track record that our dreams may easily elude us here. Manifesting goals in this area is more difficult partly because there are pieces missing from our imaginings of it. This month as various planets align with Chiron information about how to create a more complete picture of this area of life will be available. And the information will help to make the visions real. Heed dreams, musings and intuitions.