New Moon in Aries Conjunct Uranus

“New ways of thinking about familiar things can release new energies and make all manner of things possible.” Charles Handy

Thursday’s  The New Moon conjuncts Uranus in Aries  at 7:24 am EDT.  Uranus is the planet of the future and of surprising events an sudden breakthroughs. Events that occur now are pointing the way to the future and are best understood in the future as well. Meaning will follow events. It is best to let things unfold and let direction come to you.

The New Moon is square Pluto and if uncomfortable moments occur  it is a time to release oppressive patterns of the past – particularly oppressive thought patterns – and to take a new innovative approach to the way you think.

One of the Sabian symbols for Mercury at this time is, “A pot of gold at the end of a rainbow .” Do be in touch with your higher aspirations at this time and anticipate breakthroughs – particularly in your thinking. Another symbol associated with Mercury at this time is, “An electrical storm illuminates the heavens and the forest” speaking of  the potential for flashes of brilliance and insight which release pent up energies and clear the air.

Reach Amelia at 603 654 1043 or Sabian symbol references from Lynda Hill’s 360 Degrees of Wisdom

New Moon in Aries

“The only limits are, as always, vision.” James Broughton

One of the Sabian symbols associated with Sunday’s New Moon at 9 degrees of Aries is, “A seer gazes intently into a crystal ball before him.” New Moons are a good time to set crystal clear intentions and as writer and astrosopher David Tresemer once said, “Intention is shown by the specificity of your attention.” Remember to back yourself up as times moves forward.

This New Moon is a very powerful time for new starts and for intentions originating from a point of singular focus – i.e. no room for doubt. Pythagoras – known mainly in our time for his Pythagorean Theory – was actually a mystic, educated in Mystery Schools who understood the metaphysical meaning behind numbers. An important part of his philosophy was to “always remember the one,” the underlying unity that is the origin of all things. In our time there is an emphasis on the overuse of the conscious mind which can cause a stalemate or stress from lingering too long in duality.

This New Moon pulls in the energy of the Cardinal Cross of late April – a very volatile and powerful configuration whose power can be harnessed to create great change. Leave unnecessary baggage behind. Question when you judge yourself harshly if the judgments originate with what you believe or whether they are the result of outgrown influences by family, patriarchy, religion or culture.
As always when there is significant Uranus involvement it is best to, “expect the unexpected” to replenish the nervous system and to provide extra down time. The meaning of sudden or surprising events will best be understood over time rather than in the present.

David Tresemer quote from an online interview about his new book, The Venus Transit with Eric Francis at Sabian symbol and Broughton quote from Lynda Hill’s 360 Degrees of Wisdom.

New Moon in Aries

“Power consists to a large extent in deciding what stories will be told.” Carolyn G. Heilbrun

The New Moon is at 20 degrees of Aries on Wednesday April 10. With many planets in Aries now it is a highly energized time. To best harness the energy proceed with initiatives in a balanced, well thought out way.
It is a good time to explore how you express your individuality in the context of relationship and set new intentions for growth if necessary.

All times mentioned are EDT.

Vernal Equinox and New Moon

Trickster energy abounds this week as we approach the Vernal Equinox on Tuesday 3/20 and the New Moon on Thursday 3/22. As the Sun and Moon both enter Aries this week they aspect Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, Mercury which is retrograde and Pluto the lord of transformation. This week with its new rush of Spring energy is a very good time for setting clear intentions about the future which include the willingness to let go of what has been blocking the way – outmoded ways of thinking, feeling and being. Keep track of evolving ideas – not all the information is in.