New Moon in Scorpio and Planetary Activity for Week of November 9

“Hope is the thing with feathers.” Emily Dickinson

The Sun aspects beneficent Jupiter harmoniously this week bringing increased optimism and good will. There can be a stronger sense of personal mission and a growth in self confidence. With Chiron’s influence it is a good to time expand beyond the normal view of life experiences and evolve along the lines of personal growth and awareness.

Jupiter and Uranus continue their exact quincunx indicating there can be sudden surprises, unexpected events and the disruption of plans. Do create extra down time and expect that events that occur now are likely to be understood and fully integrated over time rather than in the present.

The New Moon occurs Wednesday November 11 at 19 Scorpio. This deepens perceptions and provides a good opportunity to assess what you feel passionate about and identify the elements that stand in the way. Use the potential for increased clarity to increase self mastery.

The Sabian symbol associated with the New Moon is,”A woman drawing aside two dark curtains that closed the entryway to a sacred pathway.”

Jupiter and Expansion

“Jupiter’s craving is to constantly expand the parameters of life beyond the familiar.” Caroline W. Casey

I have a friend – also an astrologer – who once told me that during certain planetary transits “agents of the planet” appear. By this he meant people who embody the energy of the transit or people who bring us information relevant to it.

Under the current Jupiter/Sun sextile I was in touch with a client who seems very Jupiterian. She started an antique shop which has expanded considerably over the years. She looks as if she has a lot of pleasure and optimism (both qualities of Jupiter) in her life as well as a mix of gypsy blood and horse- trader expertise.

We were in touch because she wanted to promote her new online store. She said with assurance, “we are going to launch it in September and the business will keep growing and growing.” This is Jupiter’s expansive realm.

It reminded me that when approaching endeavors, pragmatics, good strategies and planning all have their place but optimism and an expansive orientation are a very valuable component in creating a rewarding outcome.