Mars Stations Direct

“I think there is nothing in the world but mystery.” Kenneth Patchen

Mars is preparing to station direct on Wednesday at 23 degrees of Scorpio. One of the intriguing aspects of stationing planets is that for a few days before the station and a few days after, information can surface that represents a culmination of knowledge about what the retrograde period has meant for you. Mystery can abound.

As this retrograde period draws to a close do be willing to look at how broad you allow your future horizons to be. Do you need to re-energize your courage to move forward?  How willing are you to pursue adventure in your life? Does your underlying philosophy of life in general need to be shifted to support a broader view?

Mars has traversed back through the sign of Sagittarius and  will station in Scorpio – the sign of mystery. Do be aware of your deeper knowing at this time. It can be a time of increased wisdom. Be aware of opportunities to resolve inner conflicts and unite dualities.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is, “The king of the fairies approaches his domain.”


Sabian symbol quote by Lynda Hill

Mars Turns Retrograde

“Instead of time or space or past or future, the Hopi metaphysics has: the Manifest,The Manifesting, the Unmanifested.” George Johnson

Mars the planet of action and desire is in Sagittarius now – the sign of far horizons and expansive ideas.  If you have encountered any frustrations and delays it is not surprising as Mars is slowing down to station retrograde on April 17 EDT and will be joining Saturn – the planet of form and structure also retrograde in Sagittarius.

The retrograde period of Mars will continue through the 30th of June. Retrograde periods are a good time for reflection. A good use of this time frame is to review your aspirations and to consider  pragmatic, step by step plans for getting where you want to go. Look to where the strengths and weaknesses lie and take your time. Anticipate delays in order to avoid excess frustration.

There is an expression in astrology that Saturn – old man time – says “no” before he says “yes.” This retrograde period is best used for thinking about what obstacles are likely occur and how you will meet them as part of your planning.

One of the Sabian symbols associated with the Mars station is,” A mother leads her small child step by step up the stairs.”

Sabian symbol quote by Lynda Hill.