Mars and Uranus

“Have patience and the mulberry leaf will become silk.”

This week is a good time to practice restraint and patience as Mars – now  gathering strength – continues to move up to an exact  inconjunct aspect to Uranus on Thursday. It is a good time to avoid impulsive activity. There can be increased irritability and frayed nerves at this time.

In a larger sense much of the upheaval occurring on the planet now is related to  the shift from the Age of Pisces – a time when religion was based on reverence and devotion to an external authority to the Age of Aquarius – a time of the development of higher consciousness in each individual rooted in the soul. As this shift continues to grow the divisiveness and barriers which are so apparent in the world now will break down and  a sense of brotherhood/sisterhood  rooted in the  interconnectedness of all life will become widespread. This is visible now in many circles. People incarnating now are more in tune with it and are coming to help facilitate it.

A new world is trying to be born and it is wise in times like these to envision a positive outcome on the other side.
“So hope for a great sea-change
On the far side of revenge.
Believe that a farther shore is reachable from here.
Believe in miracles
And cures and healing wells.” Seamus Heaney
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Mercury, Venus and Mars

“Perception is a mirror, not a fact.” A Course in Miracles

Mercury the planet of thought and communication moves out of the airy sign of  Gemini today and into the watery sign of the Crab, Cancer. This creates a shift  from a heady, multi- faceted  orientation  to one  that is more emotional –  and provides  a good time to think about how you nurture yourself and others and about issues having to do with family, roots and the past.  The shadow side of Mercury in Cancer has to do with being stuck in a perception of the past that is rigid or no longer appropriate. It is good to consider as you review these issues whether you are approaching them through a fresh current perspective or whether your perspectives need some updating. Mercury will be in Cancer through mid July.

Change and transformation is very much in the air now as Venus opposes Pluto and sextiles the North Node/Jupiter conjunction. This configuration speaks of an evolutionary threshold where important long lasting changes can be made. It is a good time to make healthy decisions about your life going forward in terms of self esteem, financial well being and relationships. It is important to clarify what you need to leave behind in order to evolve in these areas. Pluto is a planet associated with past lives and karmic inheritances and it is wise to watch how you think about making changes in these areas and that your perception of who you are and where you are going is based in the present and on current beliefs about yourself and what you can do. In mythology Pluto liked to take hostages and it is important now to not be held back by limited beliefs that are not current but may be the result of family, cultural or religious influences that you no longer buy into.

Mars stations direct today. The ruler of dynamic action will now gain strength boding well for gaining traction in any endeavors that may have been challenging during the recent retrograde phase (since mid-April.) The retrograde phase provided a time for reflection about how your implement your energy to move forward and make your aspirations real. Do take any new related perceptions forward with you as you move on with more ease now.

One of the Sabian symbols for the Mars station is,”A rabbit metamorphosed into a nature spirit.”

Mars Stations Direct

“I think there is nothing in the world but mystery.” Kenneth Patchen

Mars is preparing to station direct on Wednesday at 23 degrees of Scorpio. One of the intriguing aspects of stationing planets is that for a few days before the station and a few days after, information can surface that represents a culmination of knowledge about what the retrograde period has meant for you. Mystery can abound.

As this retrograde period draws to a close do be willing to look at how broad you allow your future horizons to be. Do you need to re-energize your courage to move forward?  How willing are you to pursue adventure in your life? Does your underlying philosophy of life in general need to be shifted to support a broader view?

Mars has traversed back through the sign of Sagittarius and  will station in Scorpio – the sign of mystery. Do be aware of your deeper knowing at this time. It can be a time of increased wisdom. Be aware of opportunities to resolve inner conflicts and unite dualities.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is, “The king of the fairies approaches his domain.”


Sabian symbol quote by Lynda Hill