Saturn Stations Retrograde

Though the spring is late and cold,
Though the uproar of greed
And malice shudders in the sky,
Pond, stream and hilltop raise
Their ancient songs.
The robin molds her mud nest
With her breast; the air
Is bright with breath
Of bloom, wise loveliness that asks
Nothing of the season but to be.  Wendell Berry
Saturn stations retrograde Friday the 25 at 16 degrees of Sagittarius and will remain retrograde through mid August. This presents a good time to review what you are trying to build or create in your life. It gives a good opportunity to review the process as if looking for something that was lost or hidden – are there other paths or directions you might have not considered that would be well advised to consider now? Were your original intentions the same as they are now or do they need to be modified?
A good thing to consider also is how you focus and direct your attention. Author and teacher David Tresemer has written that the strength of your intention is shown in your attention. In his book about the ancient stars of Persia he writes about King Jamshid who was given magical tools for the use of good and ill. One of these tools was a box through which you could see what was happening in other times and places – very much akin to our TVs, iphones and computers.
Recently I was listening to a news story about how children learn. They mentioned that accidents have increased on playgrounds as so many parents and caregivers are watching their devices as the children play. This is a good example of where attention can be directed now and how pervasive,  distracting and  unnecessary it has become. With Uranus (technology) so strong in the sky now and the ability to see what is happening in other times and places so readily available, it is wise to consider what impact this has on being in touch with your surroundings, and how it affects your concentration and your nervous system.
One of the Sabian symbols associated with the Saturn station is, ” Children playing in sunbonnets.”