This Week’s Astrology Forecast

“Though the spring is late and cold,
Though the uproar of greed
And malice
Shudders in the sky,
Pond, stream and treetop
Raise their ancient songs;

The robin molds her mud nest
With her breast; the air
Is bright with breath
Of bloom, wise loveliness that asks
Nothing of the season but to┬ábe.” Wendell Berry

There is a lot of shifting going on this week and for the next couple of weeks. The ongoing Mars/Saturn opposition and other aspects have contributed to an environment where it can feel like things will no longer be tolerated that have been festering for awhile. There can be a strong desire to confront inner issues or issues with others in order to clarify things an move the ball further down the field.

Progress can be made under these aspects – both internally and in relationships with other people to be sure – but it can feel like a bit of a rocky time with things left up in the air and with uncertain or unresolved outcomes.

It is likely that the future course or resolution will not be clear this week – although definitely progress along the path can be made. But it is more like a stop along the path of resolution rather than reaching the destination.

Best not to push for immediate resolution this week as things are in flux and not all the information is in.

In times like these it is good to spend quiet time in nature – in a park or special place to you. This can help restore a sense of inner wholeness and interconnectedness that can be valuable and help with the integration of fast moving events that can result in fragmentation.

“We have this way of talking, and we have another,
Apart from what we wish and what we fear may happen,
We are alive with other life, as clear stones
Take form in the mountain.” Rumi


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